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The Most Trusted Clinic for

Dog Surgeries in Bengaluru

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The Most Trusted Clinic for

Dog Surgeries in Bengaluru

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Why Choose Vetic for Dog Surgery in Bengaluru?


Experienced Vet Surgeons

We have veterinarians specialising in dog surgeries with years of more


Advanced Diagnostics

Our vets offer precise diagnoses with the latest in-house diagnostic equipment, ensuring more


Multi-speciality Dog Docs

Receive personalised care for your canine friend from our multi-speciality veterinarians more


State-of-the-art Infra

Vetic Bengaluru is equipped with the latest surgical infrastructure for all types of dog more


24/7 Care & Support

Avail round-the-clock veterinary care, urgent care, and IPD monitoring for dogs at Vetic more


Tech-powered Care

Stay updated in real-time through the Vetic App before, during, and after your dog's more

We Provide All Types Of Cat Surgery Near Me in Bengaluru


Elective surgery for removing the testicles of your male pet, rendering them sterile



The routine, elective procedure of spaying a female pet sterilises her by removing all reproductive organs preventing her from having litters of puppies or kittens.



We have experienced ophthalmologists and surgeons for routine eye check-ups and eye surgery for pets, as and when required.


Soft Tissue

Soft tissue surgery is done for a variety of medical reasons. Almost anything that is not related to a joint or a bone can be treated with this common surgery.



Our expert surgeons can perform surgery for problems like hip dysplasia, bone plating, patellar luxations, and disc problems.


Exotic Pet Surgery

We also provide surgery for exotic pets like Rabbits, Turtles, Macaws, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Ferrets, and Iguanas.



We provide pet surgery for various types of lumps and other conditions related to skin, ears etc.



We have experienced surgeons for the removal of a tumour, partial removal of a tumour, or exploration of a particular area.


Blood Transfusion

Surgery that saves lives can involve blood transfusion in pets, performed by experienced veterinarians at Vetic.



We offer surgery and treatment for Wobbler's disease, brain tumours, and head trauma if necessary.



Surgery for blood-related and immune conditions in pets is performed by expert surgeons at Vetic.



In addition to other surgeries, our veterinarians can also perform dental surgeries like dental scaling, root canals, and possible extractions.


Seamless Steps of Cat Surgery Near Me at Vetic in Bengaluru

Surgery is a crucial part of our services, and we ensure that your pets get the best veterinarians, facilities, and medications for their recovery. We look after your pets through the course of the surgery, which includes pre-operative and post-operative care too. Our veterinarians leave no stone unturned to guarantee your pet’s safety and health.

Before proceeding with any pet surgery, our expert veterinarians provide consultations for your pets to give you a thorough analysis of any concerns or issues.

Followed by a full body physical examination of your pet to check for any pre-existing conditions and ensure that nothing is left unchecked by our expert veterinarians.

A full body check-up is performed through diagnostic tests, blood tests or any other lab tests to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to proceed with the surgery's required medication, including anaesthesia.

Once our veterinarians have completed the necessary checks and your pet is ready for surgery, the procedure will begin.

After the procedure, our veterinarian will provide your pet with all necessary medications for a smooth and quick recovery.

The dressings are done under expert guidance to ensure that your pet is comfortable and that there are no restrictions during their recovery.

Our veterinarians will stay in touch with you during the week post-surgery to regularly follow up regarding your pet’s recovery and health.

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Pet Doctors Near Me at Vetic

Our ever-expanding team includes some of the best veterinarians in the country, with a diverse range of specialisations and expertise.

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Located across the city, and always expanding to stay closer to your pets.

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Services at Vetic Cat Clinics Near Me in Bengaluru

Find anything or everything that your pets require. Your one-stop shop for all pet needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common reasons include neutering/spaying, tumour removal, dental procedures, and injury repair.

Follow your vet's instructions, fasting guidelines, and recommended blood tests before surgery.

Duration varies by procedure; simpler surgeries may take under an hour, while complex ones may take longer.

Drop your dog off at the Vetic clinic on Bannerghatta Road, discuss any concerns with the vet, and receive post-surgery updates.

Recovery can range from days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the surgery.

Your vet will remove stitches or staples at the right time, usually within 10-14 days at our clinic.

Costs vary by the procedure and health of your pet; contact Vetic, Bengaluru for an estimate.


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