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Pet Healthcare with Compassion & Innovation

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Pet Healthcare with Compassion & Innovation

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Looking for the best veterinary hospital near you? Let’s find out why Vetic is the answer to your query.

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Experienced Veterinarians

The Vetic veterinarians in the Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad veterinary clinics are ...read more


Vet Consultation and Diagnostics In One Place

If the vet recommends blood tests, an X-ray or USG, get it done instantly at the clinic an...read more


Petcare at your fingertips

Manage appointments, medical records, prescriptions and invoices and treats through the Ve...read more


All Types of Surgeries Under One Roof

From spaying and neutering to bone pinning and removal of tumours; Vetic pet clinics have ...read more


Small Animals and Exotic Pet Treatment

Our doctors are specially trained in small animal and exotic pet treatments. The Vetic vet...read more


24/7 Emergency Vet Treatment and Care Near You

We understand that injuries and illnesses don’t make appointments, so we have our 24/7 eme...read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many times, pet owners miss the small signs of the early stages of diseases and disorders. The veterinarians at Vetic have the experience to spot these subtle signs while examining your pet from the nose to the tip of the tail. Whether it’s dermatitis and heavy worm loads, or heartworms and cardiac issues; almost everything is treatable when diagnosed early. Book your appointment with Vetic today!

The answer depends on how frequently your dog becomes dirty. If you take your dog out daily for walks and playtime at the dog park, then you should get them groomed and bathed once every week. If your dog is a senior woof who stays indoors, you may choose to groom and bathe them once or twice a month depending on their skin condition. If you are a new owner of a little pupper, you should definitely speak to our groomers and veterinarians to find out how soon you can bathe your puppy. Vetic is more than happy to help you find the right products for your new BFF.

Anti-rabies vaccine is compulsory for all cats and dogs. If your pet has no chronic diseases or acute illnesses, they can receive the anti-rabies vaccine. However, vets recommend pre-vaccine checkups for all senior pets.

Absolutely! At Vetic we are very serious about the health of every cat and dog that walks through our door. In the event of a bite from an unknown dog, we will immediately clean the wound and give the first post-bite anti-rabies vaccine.

Of course! We have automated the pet’s health records management so you don’t have to worry about your dog or cat’s next vaccine date. We will remind you whenever it’s time for your pet’s checkup and vaccination. Alternatively, you can download the Vetic app to check vaccination reminders.


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