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Dog Grooming Services in Bengaluru

FREE Post-grooming Consultation

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Dog Grooming Services in Bengaluru

FREE Post-grooming Consultation

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Dog Grooming Near You at Vetic Bengaluru

The Dog grooming routine involves:

Your grooming journey begins here. We collect your pet’s health, weight, and skin condition. Also we take your input on the product choice, hair cut and special request to ensure that the furry buddy has seamless experience

Each grooming session is personalised according to your pet’s needs. Starting with an initial brush-out or shave for pets with thick fur.

We gently apply shampoo and start scrubbing off any dirt, debris, or oil.

The drying method of grooming is personalised, as it may vary depending on your dog’s breed or coat type. Done with various methods like air, towel drying, or non-heated handheld dryers for your dog’s health and comfort.

Our grooming experts weave their real magic here, by styling your pet with cuts that match the breed of your dog or any personal preference. The stage is set!

Every grooming session is followed by a FREE post grooming medical consultation with our expert Vets, to help you diagnose if the pet is doing fine or identify in case there are any potential skin issues

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Customizable Dog Grooming Packages in Bengaluru



Trimming your pet’s fur is an integral part of their skin and coat health. Untrimmed fur can grow longer than recommended, get tangled and matted. Frequently trimmed fur and breed-standard haircuts keep your pet feeling great and looking dapper.

What’s Included

  •  Haircutting & Styling
  •  Full-body Trimming/Zero Haircut
  •  Blow Drying
  •  Combing & Brushing
  •  Sanitary/Hygiene Trimming
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    Benefits of Grooming for Dogs Near Me in Bengaluru

    Grooming is a crucial part of pet healthcare, as it helps to eliminate a lot of health risks while also maintaining your dog’s hygiene. There are many things that pet grooming can resolve, like shedding, fleas, ticks, and other health conditions.

    This is how pet grooming in Bengaluru leads to a healthier and happier life for your companions:

    Bathing Benefits


    Bathing your pet regularly keeps them happy and healthy, and it also helps pets with skin issues. It can improve your pet’s mood, help keep their skin healthier, and make their fur coat smoother and dirt-free.


    Brush/Comb Benfits


    In addition to keeping your dog's hair in good condition, brushing their hair frequently helps to remove debris, distribute natural oils throughout their coat, reduce knots, and keep their skin clear and irritation-free. Moreover, during pet grooming at Vetic, Bengaluru, you should check for any ticks, fleas, and flea dirt.


    Reduces Shedding


    Many dogs develop thick coats in the winter, which they shed in the spring. Dogs that are always kept indoors, however, are more likely to experience minor variations in coat thickness and may shed fairly regularly all year long. Pet grooming in Bengaluru can certainly help during this period.


    Prevents Skin Issues


    Your dog could lick, chew, and itch excessively if it has a skin condition. External parasites, infections, allergies, metabolic disorders, stress, and/or a combination of these may all contribute to this condition. You should take your pet to a groomer in Bengaluru right away if you encounter any of these symptoms.


    Improves Oral Health


    Most dental problems and bad breath in dogs may be prevented with a daily or at least three times weekly brushing routine. Each day, use dog-formulated toothpaste to brush your pet dog's teeth. It’s best to familiarise the pet with this routine while it is still young.


    Prevents Ear Infections


    Not only do groomers shampoo your pet and trim their nails, but they also will clean your pet’s ears. Removing the dirt from your pet’s ears will help prevent future ear infections.

    In addition to the issues above, many other issues can be resolved through proper pet grooming in Bengaluru. Book your appointment and visit us now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Professional grooming ensures your pet's health and well-being with thorough cleaning and skin checks.

    Generally every 4-6 weeks, but it can vary based on breed and coat type.

    Yes, each grooming package is tailored to your dog's specific breed and needs.

    Our bathing package includes paw cleaning, nail cutting, and premium shampooing and conditioning.

    Yes, grooming is beneficial for all dogs for overall cleanliness and health checks.

    While not mandatory, a consultation helps us tailor the experience to your pet's needs.


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