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Skilled Vet Consultation for Dogs in Bengaluru

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Skilled Vet Consultation for Dogs in Bengaluru

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Why Opt for Vetic for Dog Consultation in Bengaluru?


Expert Veterinary Guidance

Receive insights from highly qualified veterinarians specialising in dog behaviour, wellne...read more


Diverse Veterinary Specializations

Engage with vet experts specialised in areas like surgery, ophthalmology, internal medicin...read more


Cutting-Edge Medical Facilities

Benefit from in-house diagnostic and monitoring services for your dog. Experience tech-pow...read more


Technology-Driven Healthcare

Seamlessly arrange appointments, monitor prescriptions, archive vaccination data, and mana...read more


Complex Procedures & Facilities

Find essential life-saving procedures such as oxygen therapy, blood transfusion, ventilati...read more


Emergency Services

Vetic provides emergency and urgent care facilities for dogs needing immediate examination...read more


Dog Consultation in Bengaluru at Vetic

Situated on Bannerghatta Road and fortified with state-of-the-art healthcare amenities, Ve...read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can effortlessly book a dog consultation in Bengaluru with Vetic through the Vetic app or website.

Vetic's dog consultation offers specialised advice on dog health, behaviour, and preventive care measures.

While dog consultations are available during clinic operating hours, emergency services can be accessed 24/7/365.

You can expect a thorough evaluation of your dog's health condition, in-house diagnostic services, quick report preparation, app-facilitated report and bill delivery, along with customised recommendations for your dog's overall wellness.


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