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Cat Vaccination

in Bengaluru

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Cat Vaccination

in Bengaluru

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Why Choose Vetic Bengaluru for Cat Vaccination?


Skilled Vets

Before administering any vaccines, our veterinary team conducts a thorough health assessme...read more


Cat-Friendly Environment

Vetic Bangalore boasts several cat-safe Out-Patient Departments (OPDs), ensuring a stress-...read more


Sterile & Clean

We sanitise all OPDs between visits to provide a clean and germ-free setting....read more


International Standard Vaccines

We adhere to global quality standards, using only internationally approved vaccines and ri...read more


Integrated Tech

Receive digital vaccine records and timely reminders through the Vetic App....read more

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Vaccination At Vetic : How It’s Done

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Our vaccination experts are highly trained and have experience administering vaccinations spanning many years.

We have spacious areas for vaccinations, where our veterinarians use only the best and highest-quality vaccinations for your pet. The best and most convenient vaccination in Bengaluru is provided by Vetic, in a world-class, hygienic, and safe environment that is perfect for vaccination.

How do Vaccines Work?

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Cat vaccinations involve injecting a benign form of a disease or weakened pathogen into the feline's system.

This stimulates the immune system to generate antibodies and memory cells, which offer protection against future infections.

Routine vaccinations can fend off fatal illnesses like rabies, feline panleukopenia, calicivirus, and herpesvirus.

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Ensure a Long, Healthy Life for Your Cat

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  • Taking care of your pet doesn’t stop at grooming or buying nutritious food for them; vaccination is equally important, if not more, for their healthy lifestyle.

  • There are various types of vaccinations for different kinds of diseases. They’re CRP & Anti-Rabies

  • Vaccinations protect your pets from potentially fatal illnesses. It is one of the simplest ways to ensure that your pets live a healthy and long life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Core vaccinations include CRP and rabies. For additional vaccines, consult your veterinarian.

Initial vaccines for kittens generally involve 5 shots, followed by annual boosters or as recommended by your vet.

Yes, vaccinations are generally safe, with severe side effects being uncommon and far outweighed by the benefits.

If your cat is ill, vaccination is not advised. Schedule an immediate vet examination.

Absolutely, indoor cats can also be exposed to diseases through contact with other animals or animal handlers.

Mild symptoms like fatigue or soreness are possible but they are generally temporary.

Consult your veterinarian as older cats may still require booster shots to sustain immunity.

If you miss a booster, consult your veterinarian for the next steps to take.


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