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Complete Cat Grooming in Bengaluru

Complimentary Vet Consultation Post-Grooming

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Complete Cat Grooming in Bengaluru

Complimentary Vet Consultation Post-Grooming

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What is the Cat Grooming Process at Vetic, Bengaluru?

The cat grooming routine involves:

Our trained groomers will explain the grooming process to the pet parents and explain the pros of the grooming steps.

Once the cat is calm and comfortable, they are taken to a separate area and their fur is brushed out to remove dirt and tangles.

Claw trimming involves clipping the tip of the cat’s claws. It is very necessary for indoor cats who are still learning how to adjust with humans.

Our expert cat groomers use imported, cat-friendly shampoo to deep clean your cat’s fur and skin. This step removes the dirt and oil buildup on any cat’s skin and fur.

Sometimes, just a towel isn't enough. Our groomers use cat-friendly dryers to thoroughly dry their dense fur.

Every cat requires the occasional trim. If you have a long-haired breed cat such as a Persian or Himalayan cat, you need to consider trimming their fur as per desirable length, breed standard or weather.

Every cat groomed at Vetic gets complimentary vet check-up after the grooming session where you can ask all your cat-related concerns to the experienced vet.

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Cat Grooming Packages at Vetic Clinic



Choose between a light trim or a full shave to keep your cat content. Vetic Bengaluru employs the most noiseless professional-grade clippers for your cat's ease.

What’s Included

  •  Comprehensive cutting & styling
  •  Complete trims & cuts
  •  Hygiene trims
  •  Paw fur maintenance
  •  In-depth cat fur brushing & detangling
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    Why Opt for Cat Grooming at Vetic Bengaluru?

    Cats of every breed—Indie, Persian, Siamese, Himalayan, and Shorthairs—all benefit from regular fur brushing and detangling, safeguarding them from pests and skin conditions.

    The advantages of opting for professional cat grooming services in Bengaluru are:

    Healthier skin & fur


    Periodic grooming including daily brushing and the occasional bathing of cats remove loose undercoat, prevents buildup of dirt and oil, gets rid of parasites and spreads out the natural skin oil throughout the cat’s fur. Grooming is highly recommended for your cat’s healthy skin and fur.


    Less shedding


    Daily brushing and periodic professional deShedding will remove all loose fur. It will also reduce your cat’s tendency to scratch themselves. It will reduce their shedding and decrease the chances of hairball formations.


    Enhanced dental hygiene


    All cats require dental cleaning from time-to-time. The frequency will depend on your cat’s age, diet and breed. Speak to our veterinarian and grooming expert to find out how frequently you should get your cat’s teeth clean.


    Ears kept clean


    Unclean ears with brown spots are signs of parasites on your cat and on their ears. Their ears require weekly cleaning to prevent any serious infection that may result from the accumulation of dirt and wax.


    Paws sanitised & nails trimmed


    Cats have very delicate paws. Our expert groomers can clean between your cat’s fingers and trim their nails expertly, without causing any distress to your cat. Cleaning paws and trimming nails prevents infections of the paws and injuries of the nails.


    Improved overall hygiene


    A regularly pampered and well-groomed cat is a healthy cat. A cat who gets their ears cleaned, paws washed and nails trimmed has a higher health quotient. Brushing and deShedding also reduce skin irritations in cats, which results in better quality of life for cats of all ages and breeds.

    In addition to the issues above, many other issues can be resolved through proper pet grooming in Gurgaon. Book your appointment and visit us now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For optimum results in Bengaluru's climate, aim for grooming every 4-6 weeks.

    Yes, consistent nail trimming is crucial for both preventing scratches and maintaining your indoor cat's nail health.

    No, utilise only feline-specific nail clippers. Need a pair? Visit us on Bannerghatta Road.

    Long-haired cats in Bengaluru require additional brushing and should visit a professional groomer at least once a month.

    Daily brushing reduces shedding; for thorough deShedding and de-matting, visit a professional cat groomer monthly in Bengaluru.

    Costs will differ based on the selected services and cat grooming packages.


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