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State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

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State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

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Why Opt for a Vetic Cat Clinic in Bengaluru ?


Specialised Veterinarians

Our Bengaluru team of seasoned cat veterinarians is committed to delivering excellent medi...read more


Round-the-Clock Emergency Cat Care

Recognizing that crises can happen unexpectedly, our proficient cat physicians are on stan...read more


Comprehensive Cat Surgery

Ranging from dental procedures and spaying/neutering to TPLO surgeries, our adept cat surg...read more


In-House Cat Diagnostic Services

Advanced diagnostic technology, inclusive of in-house imaging, biochemistry, and histopath...read more


Diverse Specialisations at Bengaluru Clinics

Our strategically positioned multi-disciplinary cat clinics in Bengaluru ensure that speci...read more


Leading-Edge Medical Facilities

Vetic boasts cutting-edge surgical equipment, IPD amenities, and more, providing your cats...read more

Making the Right Choice for a Cat Clinic in Bengaluru

Choosing an appropriate cat clinic is crucial. At Vetic, we appreciate the significance of both accessibility and quality. Our Bengaluru location offers unmatched ease, paired with outstanding veterinary services for cats that you can rely upon. We are among the select few cat-friendly facilities offering comprehensive safety and care for all cats in Bengaluru.

Check out the location of all our veterinary clinics in gurgaon .

Services at Vetic Cat Clinic Near Me In Bengaluru

Find anything or everything that your pets require. Your one-stop shop for all pet needs.

The Ultimate Destination for Cat Care in Bengaluru

Witness superior cat healthcare at Vetic's cat clinics in Bengaluru. Our specialized team of cat veterinarians in Bengaluru is motivated by both a love for cats and a dedication to their welfare. From general check-ups to complex medical operations, your cat's wellness is our utmost concern.

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