• The Vetic Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of the membership package.
  • One pet per client is allowed under the Vetic Membership policy. If a client registers multiple pets with Vetic under a single membership, the membership benefits shall be consumed in accordance with the actual services rendered to each pet.
  • The Vetic Membership is non-transferrable . The Vetic Membership is only valid for the client's registered contact number and cannot be transferred to another contact number or to other clients.
  • The Vetic Membership is non-refundable and non-cancellable . Any refund for any services is subject to Vetic's sole discretion and is limited to an amount equal to the price of each individual product and service provided as part of membership. Cancellation Processing fee will be applicable in such cases.
  • The client shall be informed of all the Vetic Membership perks and exclusions via the invoice at the time of purchase. Any additional Vetic services and products that are not listed on the invoice do not qualify as part of the membership's offering.
  • Services, discounts, and other perks provided as part of the Vetic Membership may be changed or discontinued at any time at Vetic's sole discretion.
  • Vetic Membership users can avail the benefits of membership across the Vetic Clinics. The client is responsible for paying any additional fees resulting from price differences between clinics.
  • In case of free services provided under Vetic Membership exhausted during the period of membership, clients can continue availing the other benefits of the membership till the validity of the Membership is over.
  • Vetic Membership users have the option to renew their memberships at any time. In this situation, the client's current membership will no longer be valid and a new one will take effect.