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Dog Grooming: How to Keep Your Pet Looking and Feeling Great

by Vetic Editorial

Does your dog look scruffy and smell funky? It is time for a dog grooming session! 

The next time, do not wait for your furbaby to smell weird and look dishevelled before you bathe them. Grooming is imperative for your dog’s health and well-being. 

We know! Quite a few people still think grooming is a luxury and that dogs can live without regular bathing and brushing. Now think about the duplicity! We bathe, comb and brush every day but we don’t believe our furry friend needs the same. 

Dog being bathed with a hand shower

Worry not. No one is asking you to bathe your dog regularly – it’s not good for them either, but you at least need to brush out their coat and clean their face and paws. 

Don’t believe us? Well, we are sure we will convince you by the end of this post. 

Here are 5 reasons dog grooming needs to be a daily affair

1. Getting Rid Of That Excess Fur

Our dogs shed every day. We find the evidence on our couches, beds, clothes and, well, in almost every corner of our homes. They have tons of loose fur that get tangled with their new fur to create knots. This is very uncomfortable for any dog. We have noticed that dogs who aren’t brushed regularly scratch more often. 

Brush them, use a deshedder to remove their excess loose fur. It is especially necessary when your dog moults. Brush your dog every day with dedication if they have a long and double coat.

2. Brushing Their Teeth to Prevent Dental Disease

This one can be a bit challenging if you have not trained your dog since their puppyhood. You can try doggy toothpaste flavours that your dog likes and use finger brushes to clean the tartar from their teeth. 

Veterinarians recommend daily teeth brushing for dogs. Dental hygiene is more important for some breeds than others – breeds with flat faces (brachycephalic) have poor dental settings. If you have a pug, shih tzu, boxer or bulldog, you should train them from the time they are young pups to be friendly towards toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

3. Bathing Gets Rid of Dirt and Opens Skin Pores

If you can smell your dog in your sleep, it’s definitely time to give them a bath. Fill a tub, inflate that pool or get that good ol’ bucket – whatever your dog prefers. Always use mild warm water and dog shampoo. Steer clear of human shampoo no matter what glitzy promises they make. 

pug being dried with a grey towel after dog grooming services

Use trusted brands that suit your dog’s skin and coat. Once you are sure they are clean, dry them off with a towel and then use a blow dryer. Make sure your dog’s skin and coat are completely dry before he/she can declare war on that couch, bed or carpet. 

4. Doggy Nails Need Clipping

Can you hear your dog running towards you before you see them? That’s the definitive sign your pupper needs their nails trimmed. You may like long, manicured and painted nails, but please keep your dog’s nails trimmed. It is not a fashion choice for them but more of a healthcare need. Long nails are more prone to breakage. Broken nails for dogs can be painful and quite a menace. 

Use a good quality nail clipper. Don’t go for the cheaper stuff that doesn’t come with protective covers. Use one that’s sharp so it doesn’t pull on your dog’s nails when you clip them. You may need help holding your dog, so you don’t over-trim. 

5. Their Face And Bum Need Thorough Cleaning

Okay! Preferably don’t do it with the same cloth, but you need to do this frequently. 

Clean their tear stains daily to prevent fungal skin conditions. And you need to clean their anal glands periodically as well. The frequency is typically 2 to 4 weeks, depending upon the dog’s size and activity level. But it is not optional. Full and clogged anal glands can cause discomfort and lead to nasty infections.

Challenges Of Dog Grooming

Now, we completely understand if you have a puppy who won’t sit still or a senior dog with special needs. It is indeed a lot of work bathing a dog, cleaning their teeth properly, cleaning their anal sacs AND trimming their nails. It is not a one-person job! 

Shih Tzu being bathed by a groomer

Plus, a lot can go wrong when you are the only person trying to do all these things in one day since we all have busy schedules. 

So, have you considered professional dog grooming services? If you think it’s an unnecessary expense, allow us to present a few points that will change your mind. 

4 Reasons to Choose Professional Dog Grooming Services

1. Pro Groomers Know What They Are Doing

Professional dog grooming includes coat brushing, deshedding, bathing, drying and trimming. They have the training and experience to do all of these within an hour or so, while you get to sit back and relax (you know, you need it). 

poodle receiving a trim around their face during their dog grooming appointment

You can go for a pre-grooming consultation and choose a haircut that suits your pet’s needs. While the groomers are brushing and bathing, they also get a good look at your dog’s skin. So, if there are signs of hair loss, allergies or rashes, hotspots, fleas or ticks, they will definitely inform you. 

2. They Check From Nose To Tail

They will clean your dog’s tear stains and ears. Professional groomers will also trim the overgrown fur framing your dog’s face. They will clean their paws and clip the hair on the paw pads. They will also trim your dog’s nails without any incidents, even if your pooch is particularly restless. 

Professional groomers will also clean your dog’s anal glands. Since they are properly trained, they can complete the quite icky task without causing your dog any distress. At the same time, if they notice anything out of the ordinary you can take your dog from the grooming station to the OPD directly for veterinary check-ups at Vetic

3. They Have The Professional Dog Grooming Tools

The correct deshedding brush or a quieter blow dryer – professional groomers have all the professional tools. Choose a place like Vetic that cleans and sanitises all dog grooming tools after each use. 

Dog grooming tools. A professional trimmer, deshedder brush, regular hair brush and comb beside piles of brown fur

Professional tools ensure faster and more precise cleaning and trimming. Higher-grade commercial dog grooming tools reduce anxiety in dogs since they are significantly quieter and quicker than home grooming tools. And our grooming professionals have been specifically trained to use these tools daily. 

4. They Know How To Handle All Dogs

It is surely a dog behaviour thing – when you take dogs out of your home (their territory) and to a grooming place, they are anyway likely to be more docile. Yes, some dogs can be a little snarly and snappy, but our groomers have the training and experience to work around that. 

Most importantly, if you are tired from work or have a back problem, professional grooming can give you the break you deserve. Our groomers are more than happy to do the heavy lifting for you so you can sit at the reception and browse dog treats for your good boy or girl who is being pampered at the grooming station. 

Wrapping Things Up about Dog Grooming

Dogs require more than timely meals and walks. You should keep them clean, free from ticks and fleas, and maintain their fur coat. Brush their coat daily to remove the excess loose fur. Get handsy with your dog so you can easily spot signs of skin problems like rashes, small growths or hotspots. 

Today, most of us are too busy to bathe our dogs and give them a deep grooming session at home. It is also impossible for many since they live alone or due to health issues. Professional dog grooming services are ideal for you if these challenges resonate with you. Professional groomers are trained and experienced enough to groom pups, adults and senior dogs, no matter how dirty, muddy or matted they have become. 

Take your dog to a groomer today to give them the ultimate pocket-friendly pampering time. 


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