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The Secret to a Healthy and Happy Feline: Cat Accessories and Essentials

by Vetic Editorial

Food, medicine and supplements aren’t enough to keep intelligent and smart creatures like cats (and kittens) engaged and happy. 

Whether you are always around or leaving your cat alone during office hours, you will need to fill your home with a few of your cat’s belongings as well. Just as you have a bed, couch, table and so on, your cat will also need furniture, furnishing and more to make your home their home too. 

Let’s find out what your kitten or cat needs right now.

Kitten Accessories, Health Essentials and More (up to the age of 6 months)

When you adopt a kitten, they should feel comfortable and safe at your place. It should become their home too. 

To make a kitten feel at home, you will need a few essentials and accessories that boost their mental and physical health. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the 20 items you need to consider immediately after welcoming your new kitten.

1. Kitten carrier

White Persian cat with light blue eyes sniffing a hand placed outside their carrier. it is a front open carrier with a lemon yellow base and grey top.

You will need to take your kitten to the veterinarian for deworming, vaccinations and check-ups. To keep your kitten safe and comfortable, purchase a small carrier that offers them privacy and security. 

It’s smart to invest in a top-open carrier and train your kitten from an early age to sit in it. 

2. Kitten carrying bag

A canvas bag with enough ventilation is also a handy option for carrying your kitten safely when you are alone. 

Bags offer them soft surfaces so they are comfortable, but enough cover so they feel safe. 

3. Crate for training

If you want your kitten to let you sleep through the night, you will need a crate or cage for your kitten. The idea is to get a cage that’s at least 2-feet by 2.5 feet. Create two levels – bottom one for litter and top one for the bed. 

Make it a habit for your kitten to sleep through the night inside the cage. It’s an investment for a lifetime of sound sleep throughout the night!

4. Small-sized Kitten bed 

A small kitten with medium-long coat inside a brown cat bed cum home.

Every kitten needs to learn where to rest and sleep. They prefer plush surfaces they can knead. The bed should be small enough to keep your little kitten warm and comfy. 

Try the kitten-approved Bark & Bones Fur Bed Small and M-Pets Tasmania Tipi Cat House Red for pampering your kitten.

5. Kitten Brush 

Whether you are adopting an Indie mau or a persian, you will need brushes and combs for your kitten. They will not only prevent tangles and knots, but also keep fleas at bay. 

The Trixie Dog/Cat Grooming Glove, Trixie Dog/Cat Slicker Brush with Brush Cleaner, Trixie Dog/Cat Flea Comb and Trixie Dog/Cat Double Sided Comb are four different brush and comb options every kitten owner should consider. 

6. Kitten-friendly Shampoo 

Train your kitten from an early age to enjoy baths. The Beaphar Macadamia Oil shampoo is a safe and natural way to boost fur growth while keeping your kitten’s coat and skin clean.  

7. Small litter box 

Tiny grey and light orange tortoise shell kitten sitting inside a small blue litter box filled with bentonite litter

Your kitten will only use the litter box if they can climb into it. So purchase a small one that’s appropriate for your kitty’s size. Begin with a small litter box like the Small Savic Cat Litter Tray and then graduate to larger options. 

8. Unscented clumping litter

Clumping litter is easy to clean, hygienic and cost-effective in the long run. The M-Pets Super Clumping Bentonite Cat Litter and Intersand Odourlock Unscented Cat Litter are all viable options for all kittens who are particularly fussy about clean litter boxes. 

9. Unscented organic, eco-friendly litter 

You can pick non-clumping litter since they are easier to dispose. If you have only one kitten, non-clumping litter should be enough for the time being. 

Catsan Hygiene Plus Non Clumping Cat Litter and Cat Exclusive Scoopable Cat Litter are two most prevalent choices among pet owners. 

10. Unscented biodegradable litter 

A beige and dark brown litter tray kept on a litter mat. the litter inside looks like biodegradable bamboo or wooden pellets.

Always pick a litter that’s healthy for your cats. Low-dust and no-scent litters are our top choices. However, we also need to think about the environment and M-PETS Biodegradable Bamboo Cat Litter is the perfect choice for a cat and environment loving individual like you.

11. Litter mat

Once you find a litter tray, you need to get a litter mat, unless you like litter tracked all over your home. 

Kittens are clean by nature, and there’s a good chance they will leave the residual litter on the mat instead of sprinkling it around your house. 

12. Diaper/dry sheets

A stack of diaper sheets

Diaper sheets come in handy when you are travelling with your tiny furball for deworming, check-ups and vaccinations. 

They will save your shirt/t-shirt, carrier and car!

13. Kitten chew toys

Teething kittens will nibble on EVERYTHING. So, get them to chew on proper chew toys such as the GiGwi Suppa Puppa Cat Squeaker Blue/Purple Dog Chew Toy. 

They are non-toxic, kitten-friendly and don’t pose choking hazards to kittens when left alone. 

14. Kitten sensory toys 

Grey and white kitten playing with a fur-top toy installed on a long spring and a solid board.

Sensory toys are a must for the proper development of all kittens. Since your kitten is staying indoors, you need to keep engaging their senses and instincts. 

For example – Kong Crackles Winkz Cat, FOFOS Shaking Mouse Cat Toy Pull String & Sound Chip Mouse, Fofos Yummy Diet Ice Cream & Coffee Cat toy, FOFOS Yarn Ball and Cat happy circle are great to boost your kitten’s hunting skills while sparing your decor.  

15. Kitten interactive toys (without catnip) – 

Kittens typically don’t respond to catnip before 8 months. So, purchase toys that don’t have catnip.

Get the GiGwi Catch & Scratch Eco Line with Silvervine Ring Cat Toy Raccoon, Gigwi Eco Line Feather Teaser with silvervine leaves and leatherette, GiGwi Eco Line Feather Teaser with crinkle sand silvervine leaves and Trixie Matatabi Broom Cat Toy to keep your kitten active and happy. 

16. Kitten scratchers 

Golden-brown Mackerel kitten sitting on top of a cat scratcher with a feather toy attached to the scratcher's top-end.

Habituate your kitten to scratch particular places such as suitable scratching boards. These should be appropriate for your kitten’s size and height. 

The Trixie Junior Scratching Cardboard takes care of your kitten’s nails and provides them with enough entertainment!

17. Health treats 

Kittens love treats but hate medication. So why struggle with the tiny clawing machine? 

Choose treats that are also nutritious supplements. For example – Healthy Bites Nutri Booster For Cats and Healthy Bites Growth Support for Cats are healthy treats that supplement a kitten’s nutrition and growth respectively. 

18. Food and water bowl options

Choose from a plethora of cat bowls with slightly elevated edges. They should not be too deep so that your kitten has to exercise effort in reaching their food and drink. They should also be non-toxic and BPA-free.

Pick bowls with 1-inch high sides and 5-inch diameter for your kitten. You can upgrade to bigger bowls as your kitten grows. Get bowls with anti-slip bottoms so they don’t slide away from your kitty!

19. Kitten-sized harness and leash

Grey Bengal Cat in a red harness and leash

Starting harness training in kittens is always recommended since they adapt to new habits almost readily. 

Check out kitten harnesses from Trixie to begin harness and leash training of your kitten. However, do not begin until your kitten is at least 60 days old!

20. Toothbrush 

Introducing kittens to a toothbrush is much easier than suddenly trying to brush an adult cat’s teeth. 

Opt for super soft brushes such as the Petblush Blue Toothbrush with bell toy for Cats that are suitable for a kitten’s gums and teeth.

Cat Health Essentials: Cat Accessories and More

Once your kitten begins to enter adulthood, their preferences and priorities will change along with their daily needs. For example, you will need a bigger bed, cat carrier and toys that can stimulate the senses of an adult cat. 

Here is the exhaustive list of all the essentials and accessories you will ever need for your adult cat. 

1. Cat carrier

Your cat will need a comfortable and secure (escape-proof) carrier for their visits to the vet. Choose one that’s easy to open and close. The carrier should not be smaller or larger than 1.5-times the size of your cat. 

2. Cat carrying bag

A ginger cat lying inside an unzipped red and grey cat bag looking at the camera.

A bag is a great option for cats that prefer snug spaces. Line the bag with a washable liner or get a set of pet diaper sheets. The cat bag should be well-ventilated. If your cat is a solitary being, pick a bag with minimal visibility from the outside. Cats are generally more comfortable and secure inside bags while stepping out of their homes. 

3. Cat beds 

If you enjoy your personal space and don’t want to turn into a human jenga every night, you need to train your cat to use cat beds. The bed sizes should be small enough to be snug, but large enough to accommodate your kitty. Bark & bones Fur Bed Medium and Bark & bones cat House with Ball are two cute and functional options for all cat owners. 

4. Large litter box (different types) 

A Bengal cat entering a closed cat litter box through the front entrance.

Picking the right litter tray for your cat will ensure fewer “accidents” in the future. The litter tray should be at least 1.5x the size of your cat. It should be easily accessible. Mio Cat Litter Tray with Rim, Trixie Eco Carlo Cat Litter Tray With Rim and Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray Rim are some recommended options since they are durable and easy-to-clean.

5. Medicine feeder 

Winning a war alone used to be easier than medicating a cat before these tablet inducers came into the market. These are game and life changers for all cat parents who need a human-friendly way of medicating their cats. 

Try the Tablet Inducer – Easy Pill Cat when you need to give your cat dewormers and supplements, or other meds.  

6. Health-boosting treats 

Closeup of a hand offering a treat to a Siamese cat

Your cats will readily eat treats, but refuse medication. When that’s the case, why don’t you give them Healthy Bites that contain the necessary and natural amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins? 

For example, the Healthy Bites Breath and Dental for Cats is a great option for keeping your cat’s teeth clean and breath fresh. 

7. Cat brush 

Cats need to be brushed almost every day depending upon their coat length and density. The right brush makes the brushing experience fun for them and easier for you!

Dog/Cat Deshedding Massage Brush Rubber, Petblush Imported Oval Slicker Brush For Dogs and Cats and Petblush Key Pet Comb For Dogs and Cats are ideal choices for all adult cats irrespective of breed. 

8. Nail clippers 

You can train your cat to clip their nails every month. You need a safe and sharp nail clipper to ensure your cat feels no pain or discomfort. Pick a Dog/Cat Nail Clipper with a safety setting so you don’t cut too much. 

9. Cat food and water bowls 

Two plastic bowls kept side by side, like made of melamine - one red and one blue. Both are broader at the bottom with anti-skid properties.

Select your cat’s food and water bowls carefully. They should be safe (non-toxic and BPA-free). Durapet Cat Dish and Trixie Ceramic Bowl Cat White are great choices among many. They are sturdy and easy-to-clean. 

10. Water fountains 

You should invest in an automatic water fountain if your dog doesn’t drink sufficient water from their water bowls. Cats instinctively avoid stagnant water, but they will drink from faucets or fountains almost readily. 

11. Sensory/puzzle toys 

Cats are highly intelligent beings who get bored very easily. You need to keep them engaged and interested. Using sensory toys can help you train your cat and puzzle toys will keep your cat away from destroying your slippers and furniture. 

Fofos Summer Bright Cat Toy Turtle with Lobster Plush Chew Toy Set and Petgeek Running Smart Motion Activated Cat Toy are not just toys. These are investments towards a well-mannered kitty. 

12. Interactive feather toys 

Tiny Himalayan Kitten playing with an interactive toy. Both the kitten and the toy are white. the kitten has the traditional black snout, ears, paws and tail of a himalayan kitten.

Cats appreciate direct interactions with their humans. Interactive toys like the ones mentioned below mimic the movement of prey and use your cat’s hunting instincts to keep them busy. 

Check out Trixie Playing Rod with Leather Straps and Feathers Cat Toy, GiGwi Catch & Scratch Eco Line with Silvervine Ring Cat Toy Raccoon, Gigwi Eco Line Feather Teaser with silvervine leaves and leatherette and GiGwi Eco Line Feather Teaser with crinkle sand silvervine leaves.

13. Catnip infused toys 

Around 80% of all cats respond to catnip. Catnip creates an “elated” feeling in most cats. You can train your cats to play with toys instead of cords, slippers and earphones using catnip and catnip infused toys. 

Gigwi Shining Friends’ Firefly with activated LED Light and catnip inside, Gigwi Sheep ‘Refillable Catnip’ w/3 catnip tea-bags in a ziplock bag, Basil Wagastic Toyz Cat Catnip

14. Cat tree

Instead of purchasing a scratcher, bed and house for your cat, you can directly buy a cat tree. It comes with attached scratchers, sensory toys, and houses your cat can lounge in. 

15. Cat scratcher 

Closeup of a brown-grey ticked cat on a cat scratcher being brushed by their owner with a yellow deShedding brush

Cat scratchers are very necessary for the ideal nail and paw health of your cat. Cats need to shed the outermost layer of their claws (nails) and they can only do so by scratching. 

Just placing a couple of scratchers is always enough to get your cat off the couch and on the scratcher pronto. The Owl Cat Scratcher with catnip andBASIL Scratcher Cat Toy are the two feline favourites your cat should try. 


16. Cat collar, harness and leash 

Harnesses and cat collars are safety essentials for all cats. Sometimes, while at the vet or enroute, your cat can get spooked and try to make a run for it. 

Keeping your cat on a leash can keep them safe from any mishap. Trixie Cat Collar Elastic Various Colour, Trixie Cat Harness with Leash Various Colours and Trixie Safer Life Cat Collar Reflective with Bell are some cat-friendly yet reliable options for all cat parents. 

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