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Siberian Huskies in India: Everything You Need to Know about the Breed

by Vetic Editorial

The Siberian Husky is a popular breed among all dog lovers across the world. Huskies in India have gained steady popularity over the last 15 years. The Siberian Husky was originally bred to withstand freezing temperatures and pull sledges. So, not only are they tough but they are also highly energetic.  

What Should You Know About Siberian Huskies in India?

So, just in case you were thinking about adopting a Husky in India, here are a few pointers you should remember –

Black and white husky with brown eyes sitting on the couch with tattered cushions. huskies require consistent training and exercises.

  1. Huskies need exercise and A LOT of it. If you don’t give your pupper enough exercise, you will have an indoor tornado!
  2. They are extremely smart, so they need constant mental stimulation. That’s the only way to keep the Husky-branded mischief at bay. 
  3. They are dramatic and they demand attention in very creative ways. 
  4. They do not bark much, but they are expert howlers. They will howl during brushing, grooming, bathing, drying, travelling, playing, and especially during your meetings. 
  5. You need to brush them at least twice a week with steel combs or deShedders. Or, you will have fur everywhere – couch, bed, pillow, kitchen, wardrobe…you get the drift!
  6. All huskies are potential social butterflies just waiting to come out of their cocoon. You absolutely need to take them out so they can meet and make new friends. Legends say that may reduce their howling and zoomies. 

All Traits that Define The Siberian Husky

These medium-sized dogs have a lot more character than we think. So, we must elaborate a little more on Siberian huskies in India before you can absolutely fall in love with them. 

Healthy body weight of a Husky

One black and white husky with hazel eyes, and another brown and white husky with blue eyes sitting side by side. Huskies in India are just like their Siberian counterparts. they require socialisation and friends.

Contrary to popular belief, huskies are supposed to be medium-sized and lean. The ideal weight of male huskies should be between 20 kg and 27 kg depending on their bone structure. 

The ideal weight range of female huskies should be between 17 kg and 23 kg. Refer to our dog body score chart to determine if your dog is within the ideal weight range. Or, consult a veterinarian who can inform you about the healthy weight of your husky.

Diet of a Husky

Due to their genetics and metabolism rates, huskies require slightly higher protein in their diet as compared to other breeds. 

You can feed your husky diets designed for the specific breed or you can consult a veterinarian who specialises in canine nutrition. Getting a tailored diet can keep your husky healthy and fit!


Huskies are friendlier than the Minions and nothing can dissuade them from making new friends.

The winner of hearts and numerous dog show awards, this breed is highly tolerant and patient, even with children. 

If you have children at home adopting a Siberian Husky may be a good idea. Moreover, children can match their energy level and keep the fur baby occupied for a large part of the day. 

However, remember, all dogs require supervision around children and vice versa. 


Once you get a Siberian Husky, forget personal space, and we are not stating it as a negative trait! They are the OGs of doling out affection to everyone close to them. 

They can be a little aloof towards new people, but most huskies adopt people quicker than we adopt dogs. 

Friendliness towards other dogs

Two brown and white huskies with blue eyes, wearing red harnesses, one sitting upright and the other one curled of on all fours sitting on a brown wooden bench at a park. Huskies in India should not be taken outside in excess heat. take them out when it's cool.

They are big babies and they will want to make friends with almost every dog they meet, be it a Pug or a Great Dane. We cannot always trust a husky to keep their enthusiasm in check, so you absolutely need to monitor them closely while introducing them to new dogs. 

Early socialisation can help Siberian huskies learn canine social norms and prevent unwanted aggression from other dogs. 

Grooming frequency of huskies

Sadly, the only complaint we get from most families who have huskies is the high level of shedding. They shed enough in a year to create a fur coat for a full-sized human. 

It’s not their fault! They are double-coated and they need frequent grooming, brushing and deShedding to prevent tangles and matting. 

They have medium-long coats, so it’s easier to manage as compared to long-haired coats like that of an Afghan Hound or Newfoundland. 

Watchdog Qualities

Well, you are getting a cuddle bundle that is super-friendly with EVERYONE. Isn’t it kind of unfair to also look for watchdog qualities in them? 

So, unless you consider melodic howling a watchdog quality, huskies are as good as a toddler at guarding your property. They are more likely to serve licks and boops to intruders than attack them. 

The energy level of huskies

A husky with blue eyes is jumping over an obstacle most likely at a dog show. Huskies in India require cool environments, but they do require tons of exercise to stay fit.

Huskies are as energetic as a 4-year-old after 5 ice creams. They love adventures and activities. 

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, please consider another breed. If you are looking towards a change in your sedentary lifestyle, definitely consider a husky. Remember, compromising on exercise is NOT an option. 

Trainability of Siberian Huskies

Every dog is capable of learning irrespective of their age or breed. However, the more intelligent the dog, the more the dramatics and mischief. 

Huskies can be a handful and you will have to be patient while training them. Simple obedience training may not always be the answer to the “Husky shenanigans,” so invest some time and energy to learn about canine behavioural training. 

Health problems of Huskies

Huskies are so perfect that hardly any health issues plague huskies. They are prone to hip dysplasia and cataracts. However, choosing your pup carefully and getting them from a responsible breeder can prevent these health issues. 

Still, you should consider referring to a veterinarian specialising in canine ophthalmology and orthopaedics. It can help you learn about your pup’s health and give you time to prevent multiple health issues. 

Should you get a husky in India?

This highly intelligent and energetic breed is ideal for people who have time, patience and energy to train them. 

Huskies are not just good-natured but also have fewer health problems as compared to other common dog breeds. 

If you can provide them with a comfortable and a cool environment even in the tropical summers and enough exercise then why not?

Unsure about the health of your new Husky pup? Want to ensure that your adult Husky doesn’t have cataracts or hip dysplasia? Visit the pet clinic near you or find a dog doctor familiar with the health problems that can commonly plague this breed.

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