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Dr. Radha M S

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Dr. Radha M S

Consultant Veterinarian

4+ Years




Dr. Radha M S is a highly skilled veterinarian with over four and a half years of dedicated experience in the field of veterinary medicine. She earned her BVSc & AH degree in 2020 and her MVSc degree in 2022 from Veterinary College Hebbal, Bangalore. Dr. Radha's areas of expertise include surgery, anesthesiology, and radiology, making her a versatile and knowledgeable practitioner.

Throughout her career, Dr. Radha has treated over 500 pets and successfully performed more than 100 surgeries. Her professional journey began with a year of service at Pet Connect Clinic, where she provided comprehensive care to a wide range of pets. She then pursued two years of advanced training during her MVSc, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. Following this, Dr. Radha contributed her skills and expertise at RMV Multispecialty Hospital for a year, where she was an integral part of the veterinary team.

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