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Household Accidents in Pets: Common Injuries in Dogs 

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Home should be the ultimate safe space for all of us, including your furbaby. Your dog should not only feel comfortable but also remain safe while at home. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Where humans see danger, dogs can see a toy or food. Today, we will talk about some of the most common injuries in dogs that happen at home. 

Accidents at home involving puppies and dogs are very common. Apart from keeping the contact details of your nearest veterinary hospital and emergency pet clinic, you should also pet-proof your house to ensure the safety and well-being of your dog. 

Here are the 10 most common accidents and injuries in dogs at home

  1. Drug toxicity
  2. Plant toxicity
  3. Food toxicity
  4. Muscle or joint injury
  5. Eye injury
  6. Nail injury
  7. Mouth or teeth injury
  8. Ingestion of foreign body
  9. Insect bite and sting
  10. Back injury

Without further ado let’s find out more about the common injuries in dogs that occur at home and what you can do about them. 

Drug Toxicity

Hand offering a tablet to a mixed breed dog. human medicine toxicity can be a source of common injuries in dogs

It is one of the most common reasons pet parents need emergency veterinary care in India. We have compiled a list of the most common human medicines toxic to dogs. You can refer to that to avoid accidental drug toxicosis. 

Try to keep all human pain and fever medicines, heart meds, antidepressants and sleeping medication out of your dog’s reach. Keep them in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom or inside a locked cupboard. 

Pick up any medicine you drop accidentally. Or, make it a habit of taking your medicine in front of the bathroom sink. 

Plant Toxicity

Some very common houseplants, including aloe vera, are highly toxic for dogs. Avoid keeping plants inside the house to prevent your dog from falling sick.

Plants without toxic properties can still harm your dog if they go on a munching spree. It is especially common in puppies. It typically results in diarrhoea, stomach pain, bloating and vomiting. These are all serious signs and warrant an immediate vet visit. 

Food Toxicity

Even if you are feeding premium quality dog or puppy food to your dog, they will crave a taste of human food. That’s their nature. While human food is not always dangerous for them, eating scraps from the dustbin can be dangerous since it can contain onions, garlic, grapes, coffee grounds and tea leaves. 

Chocolate is also highly toxic for dogs and pups. You should keep everything containing any chocolate or cocoa out of the reach of your dog. And, be warned, some breeds like beagles, retrievers, dachshunds and GSDs are smart enough to open fridge doors!

Muscle or Joint Injury

Dog's forehand being bandaged by someone wearing gloves. Muscle and joint injuries are common in dogs living alone.

It is another common issue pet parents face with puppies as well as senior dogs. Dogs will try to leap off the sofa or bed to follow their humans, get their paws stuck under the couch and may even bump against hard surfaces that cause muscle and joint injury. 

Do not try to give dogs painkillers without consulting a vet. Muscle and joint injuries require expert checkups and diagnosis to prevent long-term pain and mobility issues. You can try to readjust your furniture or the height of your bed and sofa to reduce the frequency of these injuries. 

Eye Injury

We frequently see eye injuries in Pugs, Shih Tzus, French Bulldogs, Boxers and Pomeranians. Eye injuries commonly happen when your dog is running around the house and there are lots of plants and sharp edges. It is also common in multi-pet households. 

Accidental eye injuries can damage your pet’s pupil or cornea. It can lead to further infections. Look for redness in the white of the eyes, constant watering from the eyes and signs of irritation, such as wiping the eyes with the paws repeatedly. Take your pet to the emergency veterinarian in case of eye injury to prevent long-term complications including the loss of eyesight. 

Nail Injury

Ripped nails can be nasty. They take a long time to heal and they cause repeated bleeding. The bleeding is also difficult to stop without proper veterinary intervention. 

It happens when you haven’t taken your pup for grooming in a long time. What’s the right time to clip your dog’s nails? At least once every 2 weeks. If you cannot do it alone, contact professional groomers who will do it for you. 

Mouth or Teeth Injury

Puppies and young dogs have the habit of chewing things they shouldn’t, especially when they are alone. It’s frequent in dogs with separation anxiety. These objects can range from your shoes and socks to mobile chargers and pens. Often the sharp edges cause injuries inside their mouth. Small bits can also get stuck between their teeth. 

If your pupper has a mouth or teeth injury you may notice excessive drooling, an inability to close their mouth, a bad smell and the refusal to eat. Take your dog immediately to the vet to prevent severe dehydration and serious infection. 

Ingestion of Foreign Body

It is one of the most common reasons puppies and dogs visit our clinics with their parents. We have seen it all! Socks, surgical masks, tennis balls and even the occasional Airpod. 

Has your dog pulled a similar stunt? Get them to a 24/7 emergency care clinic with in-house diagnostics to find out exactly what your dog has eaten, where it is and if it will exit his digestive system on its own. 

Insect Bite and Sting

Puppies and dogs love chasing flying critters. Sadly, these insects also include bees, wasps, bumble bees, flying ants and several others with stings. 

There is always a chance of a severe allergic reaction. If you see your dog’s muzzle or paw swelling up without a visible cause, take him to the vet for a thorough physical examination. The stinger requires immediate removal, and your pooch will need some meds to reduce the swelling, pain and allergic reactions. 

Back Injury

Have you seen your dog crawl out from under your couch or bed? That’s exactly what causes the most frequent back injuries. Others include play-fighting with other pets and falling down from the stairs, tables, sofas, chairs and beds. Signs of back injuries may include the inability to stand up, uncoordinated movements, whining upon touching the area of injury and lethargy. 

Back injuries can impact your pet’s mobility and quality of life in the long run. You must take your pup to the vet if you have seen them fall or injure themselves. Or, if you notice any of the signs we have mentioned above. 

Take-Home Message

These are the 10 most common at-home accidents and injuries that dogs experience. You should always puppy-proof or dog-proof your home before you bring a four-legged friend home. 

Rush them to the emergency veterinary clinic near you if you notice any odd behaviour in your dog including excessive drooling, whining, panting, lethargy and digestive issues. 

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