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Accessories, Health Essentials and More: For Puppies and Dogs of All Breeds

by Vetic Editorial

Contrary to popular belief puppy accessories and dog accessories aren’t just for fun! They help in maintaining and boosting your pupper’s physical and mental health. 

They are indispensable parts of their daily training. Some contribute to their dental health, while others are necessary for their safety. 

Let’s explore the entire repertoire of all the accessories and health essentials your puppy or dog needs. 

Puppy Accessories and Essentials: For pups of all breeds

Puppy chewing chew-toy

When you bring a new pup, you also need to get suitable health and wellness essentials, as well as accessories. Being a good dog parent begins with paying attention to the little details that improve the quality of your pup’s life. 

Accessories, toys and other essentials are not frills. They are integral parts of a pup’s holistic development. 

Here are a few things you will need to raise a healthy, even-tempered and well-trained puppy –

1. Puppy crate or puppy pen

When you bring a new puppy home, they will want to roam and explore since they are curious little bundles of joy. However, you need to ensure their safety when you are busy or sleeping. 

A sturdy puppy pen or crate can save you from the headache of keeping a 24/7 watch on them. It is also a great option for multi-pet households or homes with open-floor plans.

2. Puppy pee pads and diapers

mixed breed puppy sitting on a puppy pee pad. pee pads are integral parts of every travel packing while travelling with your dog.

Training a new puppy to pee at a particular place will be a breeze if you line their crate or pen with dry sheets. For example – use the Basil Puppy Pee Pads (Dry Sheets) when you keep your pup unsupervised inside the pen and move the pen closer to the bathroom where you want your puppy to to their business. 

While travelling, keep your car and clothes safe with Fofos diapers for small dogs and M-pets dog diapers.

3. Puppy health treats

Use healthy treats as rewards to train your pup to sit, stay, walk on a leash and other tricks. 

Healthy Treats Teething For Puppies, Healthy Treats Calming for Puppies, Healthy Treats Intestinal Aid for Puppies, Healthy Treats Skin & Coat For Dogs & Puppies, Healthy Treats Flea Guard for Dogs & Puppies are great options for rapidly growing puppers. 

4. Anti-peeing and odour remover sprays

Puppies will have accidents. However, puppies always pee and poop at spots that smell of their own pee and poop. Removing the scent is impossible without the odour removers and anti-peeing sprays. 

Simple Solution is a great option for all pet parents who love a pee-free household. 

5. Puppy bed

Yorkshire Terrier puppy sleeping in a blue-and-grey dog bed. A waterproof dog bed is an indispensable dog accessory that every puppy needs

Puppies need training to sleep in one place during the night without disturbing the pet parents. You will need to buy and install a small puppy bed that your pupper can claw, chew and sleep on with comfort. 

Choose from the Super Dog Solid Water Repellent Flat Bed, Bark & bones Bed Lounger Dog small, Lounger Dog Bed Small and Fur Donut Bed Small and Petaholic Flat Mat Dog Bed Small and Petaholic Printed Lounger Bed Small for comfortable and budget-friendly options.

6. Anti-chewing spray

Puppies begin teething by 20-days and they begin nibbling at things by the time they are only 1 month old. So, if you are bringing a pup who’s around 6 to 8 weeks of age, you may want to consider using anti-chewing sprays to keep your furniture and shoes safe. 

7. Puppy bowls and feeders

The bowl size and height makes a lot of difference for all pups. Make sure the bowls are not too large or deep. They should also be non-toxic and BPA-free. 

To minimise mess during feeding, choose anti-skid bowls, such as – Basil 100% Melamine Solid Dog Bowl Small, Plastic Bowl for Dogs Non-Slip, Fofos Snuffle Mat Fox, Petgeek Foodie Orb Automatic Dog Toy

8. Puppy identification tag

A GSD puppy outdoors wearing a black collar with a bone-shaped identification tag

To make it easier to identify your pupper and avoid unnecessary headache at the creche, dog park or groomer’s, get a puppy tag (name-tag) that you can easily attach to their collar.

9. Puppy collars and harnesses

Your pup’s collar should be durable, comfortable and never too tight. Choose from the Basil Printed/Solid Padded Dog Collar Multicolor Small, Basil Printed/Solid Padded Small Harness and Trixie Protective Collar for your pup to train and wear around the clock, comfortably. 

10. Puppy leashes

a Bichon Friese sitting with their own leash in their mouth. The leash dog accessory is a good quality braided one.

You should begin leash training of your pup as soon as they hit 60-days of age. Pick a leash that’s strong yet lightweight. 

For example – Basil Printed/Solid Padded Leash and Trixie Premium Leash Black XS-S are two options that you can confidently pick for walking your young pup. 

11. Puppy carrier or backpack

When you bring a pup home, you will need to take them to the veterinarian several times for checkups, deworming, vaccinations and more. For their safety, get a puppy carrier that is well-ventilated but sturdy like the Trixie and Savic mini-dog, puppy or cat carriers. 

12. Puppy coat brush 

Brushing is an integral part of your puppy’s healthcare routine. It helps distribute the natural oil and remove excess loose hair from their coat. 

Dog/Cat Deshedding Massage Brush Rubber, Trixie Dog Double Sided Brush Pin & Bristles are gentle brushes that do not scratch your pupper’s skin, but also prevent mattes and tangles. 

13. Puppy comb

an adult Pomeranian being combed with a blue steel comb

Combs are important especially if you have brought a new puppy. You can never be too sure about ticks and fleas, and you cannot use too many chemicals on very young puppies. 

Fine toothed combs and double-sided combs help to remove any critters, dead skin and dirt from your precious pupper’s coat without any hassle. 

14. Puppy grooming & bathing

Puppies need bathing and cleaning as well. Apart from choosing the right puppy shampoo, you will need conditioners, bathing gloves and towels for keeping your pupper clean and fresh. 

Trixie Dog Grooming Glove, Tropiclean SPA Lavish Pet Dog Tear Stain Remover, Super Dry Absorption Towels, Dog/Cat Nail Clipper, Puppy bathing glove (Fur Care Glove), Hair Conditioner – ALL4 PET (banana/kiwi or strawberry cream) 

15. Puppy dental care

Puppies require dental cleaning as well. So choose dental sticks and chews appropriate for their age that can remove any plaque along with bad breath. 

Some healthy dental care options include the Fresh Breath Oral Care Traditional Kit For Dogs, Dogaholic Milky Chew Bone Style and Dogaholic Milky Chew Stick Style.

Speak to a veterinarian to find out if your puppy is the right age to consume chew sticks and begin brushing. 

16. Puppy jacket 

Shih tzu in a silver jacket cum raincoat.

If it gets chilly your pupper is going to need sweaters or jackets to stay warm. Invest in good quality puppy apparel that protects your puppy and doesn’t irritate their soft and sensitive skin.

Some good choices include the Petsnug Black, Orange, White & Grey Acrylic with Polar Fleece Panda Knit Sweater For Dogs Small, Petsnug Lavender Cotton Rich Yarn Fleece Monster Inc Sweatshirt For Dogs Small and Petsnug Maroon Canine Inside Polyfill-Jacket For Dogs Small. 

17. Puppy shoes/booties

Joint health in dogs depends on how much care they have received in their puppyhood. If you are taking your puppy out for walks or if you have excessively slippery floors you can consider the Trixie Non-Slip Grey Dog Socks.

They will also improve your puppy’s paw hygiene and prevent ticks from directly climbing up your pupper’s legs.

18. Puppy chew toys

labrador puppy sitting and chewing on an orange spiked ball.

Puppies will teeth and they will gnaw on anything they can get their paws on. So, invest in non-toxic toys that pose no choking hazard to your pup. 

Purchase Basil Wagtastic Toyz TPR Rope and Ring Dog Chew Toys, Basil Wagtastic Toyz TPR Bone Dog Chew Toy, Petstages Dogwood Durable Stick Dog Toy X-Small, GiGwi Suppa Puppa Bear Squeaker Blue/Purple Dog Chew Toy or Kong Classic Chew Dog Toy X-Small for your lil pupper’s dental health.

19. Treat dispensing toys

Treat dispensers are amazingly effective ways to keep your puppy busy. You can also train your puppy using these toys. 

The Kong Extreme Dog ball toy, and Kong Core Strength Bone Small/Medium Dog Toy are two of the favourite treat dispensing toys of behavioural dog trainers.

20. Interactive and training toys

The more you interact with your puppy, the more they will learn to socialise. You can also use these interactive and training toys to train your puppy commands such as “No,” or “Drop it.”

GiGwi Raccoon-cotton rope dog toy with squeaker and crinkle paper inside, GiGwi Gladiator with Squeaker Inside & Plush/TPR Dog Toy are excellent to play with your puppy and spend quality time with them.


Dog Accessories and Essentials: For adult-sized dogs

Closeup of adult brown dog wearing a brown and olive green collar.

Your puppy will almost grow into a full-sized dog by the time they are 12 months old (depending on breed). So, you will need to begin investing in dog accessories and essentials that suit the size and strength of your junior dog or adult. 

Here’s a list of all dog accessories and essentials your pooch will need for to become a happy, healthy and well-trained cuddle bundle –

1. Dog bed

Once your pupper is older than 10 months you will need to graduate to a larger dog bed that suits the needs of their breed. Invest in a sturdy but comfortable bed. The quality of their bed is just as important as the quality of the mattress on your bed. 

Choose from the Super Dog Solid Water Repellent Flat Bed, Bark & bones Bed Lounger Dog medium, large and extra-large, and Bark & Bones Dog Bed Donut Large, Lounger Dog Bed Medium to X-large, and Fur Donut Bed Medium to Large,Petaholic Printed Lounger Bed Small to X-Large  and Petaholic Flat Mat Dog Bed Medium to X-Large to protect their bone and joint health. 

2. Dog collar and harness

a Boston Terrier wearing a pink padded harness with a fuchsia pink leash. padded harnesses are must-have dog accessories for all breeds and sizes

The right collar for your dog is the one they find most comfortable. We recommend fully-padded harnesses and martingale collars for all dogs irrespective of the dog’s age, size and breed. 

The Basil Solid/Printed Padded Dog Collar, Basil Printed/Solid Padded Dog Harness, Trixie Classic H-Harness for Dogs and Jolly Eco Collars (M to XL) exert the least force on the wearer’s throat. However, they are well suited for long walks and training sessions. 

3. Dog leash

A dog leash should be sturdy enough to hold your dog when they are excited, but it should also be comfortable enough for you grip for long durations. 

Choose padded leashes like the Basil Printed/Solid Padded Leash Medium and Large and Trixie Premium Leash L-XL that will allow your dog enough range of motion, but also keep them within the safety of your reach. 

4. Dog identification tag

Every dog should have a personalised identification tag with the owner’s contact details. If any mishap occurs and your dog finds themselves in an unknown territory, other humans should know whom to contact. 

5. Dog bowls and feeders

Steel dog bowls kept on an elevated stand that's blue in colour

The bowls should also be non-toxic, easy to wash and skid-free, such as the Basil 100% Melamine Solid Dog Bowl Medium, Basil 100% Melamine Solid Dog Bowl Small and Trixie Melamine and Plastic bowls (250 ml to 500ml).

Some dogs require slow feeders and food puzzles such as the Trixie Slow Feed Dog Bowl (900ml) and Fofos Snuffle Mat to keep them from gobbling their food down. 

6. Dog elevated bowl

Depending on the height of your dog, buy bowls that allow them to eat and drink comfortably. For medium to large dogs, you should install elevated bowls or bowl stands. 

7. Dog cooling mat and/or bed

You may have ACs in every room, but after a long walk your dog will require some instant cooling and air conditioners require some time to cool the entire room. 

Try a Trixie Cooling mat for dogs (small to XL). These are pressure activated cooling mats that are portable – you can carry them to the clinic and lay them down in your car. 

8. Dog jacket and sweater

a toy poodle wearing a fuchsia and navy fleece jacket

During winters, your dog may need more than the coat they own. Invest in good-quality, hypoallergenic sweaters, fleece jackets and sweatshirts. These will keep your pupper warm and make them look super adorable. 

Some pawsome options include – Petsnug Black, Orange, White & Grey Acrylic with Polar Fleece Panda Knit Sweater For Dogs Medium to XX-Large, Petsnug Maroon Canine Inside Polyfil-Jacket For Dogs Medium to XX Large, Petsnug Lavender Cotton Rich Yarn Fleece Monster Inc Sweatshirt For Dogs Medium to XX Large and Petsnug Black Winter Flex Inside Polyfil- PU Fabric Jacket For Dogs Medium to XX Large. 

9. Dog raincoat

Why miss out on the walks during the rainy seasons? Get your dog a raincoat that comfortably covers his head, ears and back. Pair it with waterproof dog booties (shoes) and you are all set for a walk outside even on rainy days!

10. Dog boots/shoes

Dog’s paws are more sensitive than our feet. They need protection while walking outside. Prevent unwanted cuts and bruises, prevent ticks from crawling up your dog’s paws. 

Get the Trixie Non-Slip Grey Dog Socks and Booties for your dog. Check their paw size or buy the recommended size according to your dog’s breed. 

11. Dog chew toys

adult Dachshund sitting on the rug and chewing on a blue spiked ring chew toy - an adult dog accessory

Even older dogs need to exercise their teeth. It keeps their teeth and gums clean and healthy in the long run. 

Some chew toy options for all dogs include Bark & Bones Dog Bed Donut for Medium-sized dogs, Kong PetStix Medium, Kong Jumbler Ball Medium & Large, Kong Gyro Large, Kong Classic Chew Dog Toy, Drools Dog Hole ball toy and Drools Dog Hole ball toy. 

12. Dog health treats

Every dog requires nutritional supplements from time to time. However, supplements don’t need to be boring and bitter. Why force your pet to swallow a bitter pill when you can give them healthy treats?

Try the Pedigree Dentastix, Basil Dental Twist Stick, Basil Dental Twist Stick (Immune Care), Healthy Treats Skin & Coat For Dogs & Puppies, Healthy Treats Flea Guard for Dogs & Puppies, Healthy Treats Breath & Dental treats, Goodies Energy Treats Calcium Flavoured Dog Treats for improving your dog’s health with fun.

13. Dog interactive and treat dispensing toys

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is as necessary as physical exercise. Invest in interactive, puzzle and treat dispensing toys that will keep your dog occupied for hours. 

Try the Basil Wagtastic Toyz Dumbbell & Treat Dog Toy Multicolor, Trixie Playing Rope with Knots Dog Toy, Basil Wagtastic Toyz TRP Tyre & Rope Dog Toy, Trixie Toy ball Latex Rubber Ball Toy and Kong Sports ball Fetch Dog Toy since they are non-toxic and free from choking hazards. 

14. Dog brushes and deShedders

a Shih Tzu being brushed with a wooden-handled slicker brush. A slicker brush is a dog accessory that removes loose hair and redistributes the natural oil in their coat.

All dogs need regular grooming and care. Other than the monthly professional grooming, you will need to brush and deShed them every alternate day! So buying a good-quality coat brush, slicker brush and deShedder is not an expense, but an investment. 

Check out the imported range of Fur Care Glove, Dog/Cat Deshedding Massage Brush Rubber, Trixie Dog Double Sided Brush Pin & Bristles, and Trixie Dog Slicker Brush with Cleaner for your dog. 

15. Dog comb

Dogs demand combing apart from brushing simply because combs are excellent in maintaining that shine and removing unwelcome critters from their coat. Try the imported Trixie Dog Flea Comb and Trixie Double-sided Comb meant for all breeds.  

16. Dog grooming & bathing

A brown labrador being bathed. He has foam on his back and head.

In between professional grooming appointments, your dog will need shampoo and conditioning at home. Here are the top vet-recommended products for your pupper –

Tropiclean SPA Lavish Pet Dog Tear Stain Remover, Super Dry Absorption Towels, Dog/Cat Nail Clipper, Hair Conditioner – ALL4 PET (banana/kiwi or strawberry cream) and Basil Waterless Rosemary & Geranium Foam Shampoo for Dogs, 

17. Dog diapers

Dogs, especially senior dogs can have accidents while travelling or at the vet. Some specially-abled pooches require diapers round the clock. So, the diapers need to be super-absorbent, dry and bacteria-proof! 

The Fofos diapers for male dogs (small to xxx-large) and Fofos diapers for female dogs (small to xxx-large), and M-pets Dog Diapers (Small to XX-Large) are the best options for all doggos of all ages and breeds. 

18. Doggy dental care

a small-breed dog holding a chew-bone between the front paws and gnawing on it. Gnawing can remove plaque and improve dog's teeth health.

All adult dogs begin developing plaques long before they reach adulthood unless their teeth are brushed regularly. Prevent plaque and tartar formation by getting the Fresh Breath Oral Care Traditional Kit For Dogs, Trixie Toothbrush Set for Dogs and Pedigree Dentastix for your pet.

19. Kennel cleaners and odour removers

When you have a dog you need to be careful about what you use to clean your floors. Your dog will lick the floor directly and indirectly (while grooming). 

For the best results and the safety of your dog, you should opt for pet-friendly kennel cleaners. 

20. Pill/tablet inducer

Forget coaxing, struggling and bribing – now you can medicate your dog without any effort at all using the Easy Pill Tablet Inducer (Dog). Just pop the pill inside the wrap and watch your dog go nuts for the “new treat”.

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