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The Saluki Saga: Meet the Dogs with Supersonic Speed

by Vetic Editorial

The Saluki, the dog equivalent of a timeless classic, has been strutting its stuff for thousands of years. They were originally bred in the Middle East, Egypt, and Asia for high-speed sight hunting.

These hound breed dogs are majestic creatures that boast a slim, yet muscular frame built for speed and endurance. With their long tails and feathered ears, they’re basically the supermodels of the canine world.

But hold your horses because there’s more to these furballs than meets the eye. Let’s delve into the 10 personality quirks that make the Saluki a four-legged superstar

The 10 Traits that Define the Saluki Breed

A photo of a Saluki breed dog with a standard brown-fawn coat and hazel eyes, running and frolicking on the green ground, likely an empty park. The dog has a Seresta collar (flea and tick preventive collar) along with a thick printed Martingale collar.

1. The Canine Zen Masters

Salukis have mastered the art of being reserved and independent. Picture a Saluki chilling in a corner with a cup of tea, contemplating the meaning of life—probably.

2. Love Bug Alert!

Behind the curtain of aloofness, Salukis secretly crave deep connections with their humans. Beware of separation anxiety; they might just write you a teary-eyed letter if left alone for too long.

3. The Silent Stalkers

Salukis are not your typical loudmouths; they prefer a more sophisticated approach. They’re the James Bonds of the dog world—cool, calm, and mysteriously quiet.

4. Gentle Babysitters

Despite their cool exterior, Salukis turn into gentle giants around children. They’re basically the Mary Poppins of the dog world—practically perfect in every way.

5. Usain Bolt’s Biggest Competitons

Salukis are born sprinters, and they love the wind in their fur. Just imagine them with a tiny pair of running shoes—adorable, right?

6. The Master of Minds

With the right dose of mental stimulation and moderate exercise, Salukis are the epitome of chill. They’re the yoga enthusiasts of the dog world—zen AF.

7. Einstein’s Soulmates

Salukis are no airheads. They can handle tricky situations with finesse. If they had a job, it would probably involve solving complex puzzles or perhaps running a doggie think tank.

8. Social Introverts

Salukis may be a bit shy with strangers. They’re the introverts of the dog park, silently judging the extroverted Labrador’s overly enthusiastic greetings.

9. The Couch Potato

Salukis bring a whole new meaning to “laid-back energy.” They’re the dog equivalent of a Sunday afternoon nap—easygoing and utterly relaxed.

10. Negotiation Experts

Salukis are obedient, as long as it aligns with their own desires. They’re like the lawyers of the dog world—negotiating terms and conditions for treats and belly rubs.

Unveiling the Saluki Secrets The Doggie User Manual

A closeup photo of a fawn Saluki with wind in their furry ears. Yes! The photo is as dramatic as the subject. The Saluki has beautiful dark brown eyes.

Energy level

Salukis love to run, but moderation is the key. A well-fenced yard is their version of a runner’s track. Watch out for canine obesity—exercise and mental stimulation are their secret weapons.


Salukis may be quiet at home, but they’re playful ninjas. Shower them with love and attention, or they might just plot their own Hollywood escape.


Salukis are geniuses, but they’re also a bit stubborn. Positive reinforcement and a sprinkle of patience go a long way in training these canine Einsteins.

Behaviour towards other dogs 

Salukis are gentle with kids and friendly with other dogs. Just keep them on a leash—small pets might trigger their inner sprinter and sighthound.

Ideal diet 

Salukis thrive on a balanced diet because there is indeed a thing called unnaturally skinny sighthounds! But you can’t feed them big meals since they are prone to bloat! Hence, opt for smaller, more frequent meals and watch them turn into gourmet connoisseurs.

Exercise needs 

Moderate exercise is the Saluki anthem. Keep an eye on hip dysplasia by maintaining a healthy weight and ensuring they break into a sprint every now and then.

Common health problems

Salukis have their share of health issues, from hip dysplasia to bloat. Combat the drama with smaller, more frequent meals—it’s the doggie version of staying fit for the red carpet.

Should You Get a Saluki?

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for a loyal, affectionate companion who’s also a bit dramatic and quirky, the Saluki is your go-to. 

These four-legged supermodels are not just eye candy; they’re the whole package. 

With a bit of care and a lot of love, your Saluki can live a long and healthy life. So, if you want a dog that’s both glamorous and down-to-earth, say hello to the Saluki!

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