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The Pomeranian Breed: Ruling Hearts and Royal Palaces Since the 1800s

by Vetic Editorial

Pomeranian – a breed that proves that dynamites can come in small packages. 

NOT hailing from the grand lands of Pomerania, but definitely “downsized” there; these little furballs were initially the equivalent of Lady Gaga of the canine world – being captured in paintings and photos by pup-arazzis since the late 19th century.

Pomeranian: Personality Traits of a Furry Dynamite

a fully white Pomeranian standing up on the two back legs white a woman holding treats sits on a blue cushioned chair on the left.

From their pint-sized energy levels to their playful antics, the Pomeranian’s personality traits are like an ode to their regal heritage.

Did you know? When Queen Charlotte married King George III, she brought the early poms into the royal palace and the hearts of the English folks. Queen Charlotte’s granddaughter, Queen Victoria reintroduced the Pomeranian breed back into the royal family. 

And soon, Pomeranians became a symbol of high social status and opulence. 

Even now, Pomeranians are treated as the royalty they are. They are glorious lap dogs, who definitely deserve all the attention and pampering you can afford.

1. Energy Levels of Pomeranian Pups:

Don’t let their petite stature fool you; Pomeranians pack enough energy to power a disco ball. 

Their enthusiasm for life is like a never-ending caffeine buzz, propelling them through each day with more pep than a cheerleading squad on a sugar high.

2. Playfulness of Pomeranians:

Top shot of an orange Pomeranian staring up at the hand beside the camera holding something similar to a small red ball.

Pomeranians have playfulness coursing through their veins. It’s as if they’ve got an internal “fun-o-metre” that’s permanently set to maximum. 

Their play antics are like watching a mini circus – juggling toys, acrobatic leaps, and spontaneous zoomies included.

3. Trainability of a Pomeranian:

Training a Pomeranian can sometimes feel like trying to teach a toddler quantum physics. They’ve got an independent streak that rivals a cat’s, and yet, when they choose, they can be the most obedient companions. 

Training them is a bit like convincing a teenager to do their homework – it takes patience, creative bribery, and sometimes a touch of magic.

4. Behaviour with Other Dogs:

Pomeranians don’t believe in the “small dog syndrome.” Nope, they’ve got “mighty munchkin syndrome” down to an art. They’ll proudly strut around, approaching bigger dogs like a tiny conqueror surveying their realm. 

It’s as if they’ve got an internal Napoleon complex that turns them into the sassy rulers of the dog park.

5. Ideal Diet of Poms:

Small orange Pomeranian facing the left, sitting flat on the ground beside a bowl of kibbles kept on the right.

When it comes to food, Pomeranians are like culinary critics in a five-star restaurant. They deserve only the finest gourmet delights. They are picky eaters, but giving them too many treats will lead to obesity which you definitely do not want!

Choosing their ideal diet is akin to creating a Michelin-star meal – balanced nutrition, the right portions, and perhaps the occasional sprinkle of doggy delight.

6. Exercise Needs of a Pom Dog:

Pomeranians may not have sheep to herd, but they’ll make sure you don’t slouch on your fitness routine. Their daily exercise needs are like a personal trainer’s reminder, ensuring you both stay active and fit. 

Picture them as your furry, enthusiastic gym buddy who’s always up for a jog or a game of fetch. You can give them all the exercise they need inside your home, if there’s space or at the park outside your building. 

7. Common Health Problems of a Pomeranian:

Two hands. The left hand holding the mouth of a Pomeranian open while the right hand is holding a baby blue doggy toothbrush, trying to brush their teeth.

Pomeranians might be tiny, but they’re not immune to health hiccups. Dental woes and breathing (tracheal) issues can occasionally sneak into their lives. They are also susceptible to a “trick knee” (luxating patellas). 

It’s like dealing with a quirky houseguest – you’ll need regular check-ups and some thoughtful accommodations to keep them comfortable.

Why Adopt a Pomeranian?

So, who’s the ideal candidate for adopting a Pomeranian? Anyone ready for a daily dose of hilarity, a whirlwind of energy, and a companion who’s part furball, part entertainer. 

These pint-sized wonders are perfect for families, singles, and basically anyone who’s game for a life filled with spontaneous dance parties, squirrel-chasing escapades, and more cuddles than a plush toy factory.

Owning a Pomeranian is like joining a whimsical carnival, where every day is a thrilling adventure, and laughter is the main attraction. So, if you’re prepared for a journey that’s as wild as it is heartwarming, take the leap into Pomeranian parenthood.

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