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Dr. Rahul Khurana

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Dr. Rahul Khurana

Consultant Veterinarian

5+ Years of Experience

BVsc. & AH M.V.SC



Dr. Rahul Khurana is a highly experienced Senior Veterinarian, specialising in Internal Medicine, Emergency/Critical Care, Dermatology, and Endocrinology. With over 5 years of dedicated service in the field, he has consistently delivered exceptional care to pets in need.

Dr. Rahul's impressive career includes working with renowned veterinary clinics such as Metro Pet Hospital in Gurugram and Doggy World in Delhi. In these prestigious establishments, he has treated and supported thousands of pets, earning the trust of pet owners and colleagues alike. Dr. Rahul's proficiency extends to his role as an intensivist, where he has skillfully managed critical cases in the intensive care unit (ICU).

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