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Dr. Chetan Sharma

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Dr. Chetan Sharma

Consultant Veterinarian

4+ years of experience

BVsc. & AH, M.V.SC



Dr. Chetan is a renowned Veterinarian and Veterinary Surgeon at Vetic. 2.5 years of experience in the veterinary field has allowed him to serve over 1500 pets across Delhi and Gurgaon.

He received his BVSc & AH degree from Anand Veterinary College, AAU, Gujarat and his MVSc in Surgery and Radiology from DUVASU, Mathura. His education, training and experience has enabled him to perform uncountable soft-tissue surgeries and orthopaedic procedures. He has specialised in soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, and radiology and imaging (X-ray and USG).

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